El hijo de Mel Gibson, Milo, heredó la apariencia y las dotes de actuación de su padre (2023)

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Mel Gibson ha estado bajo los reflectores durante décadas y, recientemente, su hijo adulto Milo Gibson ha llegado a ese mismo lugar. Eso se debe a que Milo tuvo una infancia normal, e incluso comenzó su vida adulta con un trabajo normal antes de dedicarse a la actuación. Ahora que ha crecido, ha decidido seguir los pasos de su padre, ¡y es difícil distinguirlos!

El hijo de Mel Gibson, Milo, heredó la apariencia y las dotes de actuación de su padre (1) Mel Gibson (1983), (Photo by Bertrand LAFORET/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images)

Protagonista desde los años 80, Mel Gibson no solo es el afamado actor de películas como Mad Max, Corazón valiente, El patriota y Lo que ellas quieren, sino que también es un reconocido director. Ha dirigido Corazón valiente, La pasión de Cristo y Apocalypto.

También es un hombre de familia y tiene nueve hijos de tres relaciones diferentes. Uno de sus hijos, llamado Milo Gibson, ha seguido los pasos de su padre, ¡y ahora está adentrándose en Hollywood! Milo, que este año cumple 30 años, es hijo de Mel y de su primera esposa, Robyn Moore. Él nació el 16 de noviembre de 1990 en Australia, y se crio en los Estados Unidos. Al contrario de su famoso padre, que nació el 3 de enero de 1956 en los Estados Unidos, ¡pero se crio en Australia!

El hijo de Mel Gibson, Milo, heredó la apariencia y las dotes de actuación de su padre (3) Mel Gibson (1987), (Pool DUCLOS/PELLETIER/Gamma-Rapho/Getty Images)

But before we meet Milo Gibson, let's go back to the beginning. Born in the U.S., specifically Peekskill, New York, Mel Gibson was the sixth of 11 childrento parentsHutton Gibson and Anne Patricia. His father was a writer and would go on to be a "Jeopardy!"grand champion in 1968. After Hutton Gibsonwas awarded a large payout in a work-related injury lawsuit in 1968, the family relocated to Sydney, Australia. The move wasn't completely random — Mel Gibson's paternal grandmother was opera singer Eva Mylott, who had been born there, although her family background was Irish.

El hijo de Mel Gibson, Milo, heredó la apariencia y las dotes de actuación de su padre (4) Robyn Moore Gibson, Mel Gibson (1990), (Photo by Ron Galella/Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images)

It was in Australia that Mel Gibson got his acting start, studying at the prestigious National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA). Training mostly in the British theater-tradition, he acted in many plays, but upon graduating in 1977, Mel Gibson was immediately cast in the film "Mad Max." While the movie would go on to incredible fame later on, in the meantime Mel Gibson eschewed further movie work in order to work as an actor in the theater in Adelaide for a season.

It was while living there that he met his first wife Robyn Moore Gibson. The couple would go on to be together for decades, marrying in 1980 and having their first child together that year. They had seven children in total but their relationship ended in divorce in 2011, with Robyn Moore Gibson entitled to half of her former husband's $850 million fortune.

El hijo de Mel Gibson, Milo, heredó la apariencia y las dotes de actuación de su padre (5) Mel Gibson (1987), (Aaron Rapoport/Corbis/Getty Images)

Meanwhile, back in the early '80s after Mel Gibson had begun to work in the Australian film and theater industry, hecontinuedshooting movies and his career only continued to grow after he appeared in films such as "Gallipoli," "The Year of Living Dangerously"and two "Mad Max" sequels — "Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior" and "Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome." It was around this point in the mid-'80s that he and his wife packed up their belongings and moved to Hollywood. But unlike other hopefuls who are often unlucky in a new land, Mel Gibson's career only continued to climb. It was around this time that critics began to draw comparisons between Mel Gibson and other famous actors of the past including Steve McQueen, Cary Grant, Sean Connery, Robert Redfordand even "a combination of Clark Gable and Humphrey Bogart." Needless to say, he had piqued the interest of film reviewers and audiences alike.

After a few movies in Hollywood, he landed the role of Martin Riggs in "Lethal Weapon," which only cemented his leading man status in Hollywood. A sequel, "Lethal Weapon 2," followed, as well as many other movies. By the 1990s, Mel Gibson was one of Hollywood's leading men and it was around this time that he began to focus on directing as well as acting.

El hijo de Mel Gibson, Milo, heredó la apariencia y las dotes de actuación de su padre (6) Mel Gibson (1995), (Photo by Ron Galella/Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images)

But while Mel Gibson was on top of the world in his career, his personal life was flourishing too. He and Robyn Moore Gibson had already had a number of children including their eldest child Hannah Gibson, who was born in 1980, Christian Gibson, born in 1982, twins Edward and William Gibson in 1985, LouieGibson in 1988, and Milo Gibson in 1990. The couple would go on to have one more child together, a son named Thomas Gibson, who was born a number of years after Milo Gibson.

Interestingly, Mel Gibson's passion for the entertainment industryhas been passed on to more than just his son Milo Gibson. Although Hannah Gibson didn't choose to pursue a career in acting like her famous father, she did follow him into show business, working as a makeup artist on hisfilm "What Women Want." Like his older sister, Christian Gibson also chose to work in the industry, however not in front of the lens but behind it. He works as a camera operator and has even worked on his dad's movies "Hacksaw Ridge"and "Daddy's Home 2."

Twins Edward and William Gibson have bucked the family trend, however, choosing to live their lives outside of the spotlight.Louis Gibson is another one of Mel and Robyn Moore Gibson's kids who havefollowed their famous father into his line of work. He also prefers to stay behind the cameraand has co-writtenand co-directed the 2017 movie "Happy Hunting." Then there's Milo Gibson, who's perhaps the most famous of his siblings.Hestarred with his dad in "Hacksaw Ridge" and is set to appear in "Manifest West"— which is co-directed by none other than his brother LouieGibson! Lastly, there's Thomas Gibson, who justgraduated from college in 2017, but his career aspirations — whether he'll follow his family's lineage into Hollywood or choose a more private life — are not yet known.

El hijo de Mel Gibson, Milo, heredó la apariencia y las dotes de actuación de su padre (7) Oksana Grigorieva, Mel Gibson (2009), (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

But the new millennium also brought a lot of change to Mel Gibson's life, both professionally and personally. After dominating the '90s and early '00s in Hollywood, Mel Gibson'swork naturally slowed down, but a series of controversial incidents got him dropped by his talent agency and his projects were put on hold. It was also around this time that he and his wife divorced, leading to what is considered the most expensive divorce in Hollywood history.

While his first marriage was undergoing divorce proceedings, Mel Gibson began dating Russian pianist Oksana Grigorieva, with whom he had his eighth child, Lucia Gibson, who was born in 2009. However, therelationship was not meant to be and didn't last long, while it wasmired in messy allegations that only brought about more controversy to Mel Gibson's life.

Then in 2014, Mel Gibson's luck began to turn around as hemet his current partner and former equestrian, Rosalind Ross. The couple welcomed a daughter in 2017 named Lars Gibson,the actor's ninth child, and the couple is still going strong. It was also around this time that his career began to get back on track, as he appeared in "The Expendables 3"opposite Sylvester Stallone and in 2016 released "Hacksaw Ridge"to great acclaim.

El hijo de Mel Gibson, Milo, heredó la apariencia y las dotes de actuación de su padre (8) Rosalind Ross, Mel Gibson (2017), (Photo by George Pimentel/FilmMagic)

Finally appearing settled after years of turbulence in his personal and professional life, Mel Gibson was asked about his relationship with Rosalind Ross and their 34-year age gap. Speaking to The Mirror,he said:

“Regarding age and relationships, it’s just a number. We dig each other. She is an adult and we dig each other. It might cause a problem and one has a trepidation about these things, but it’s working out great. She is a really special person. I dig her. So there you go. That’s it. What more can one ask?”

The proud dad of nine childrenhas even found time to make jokes about how many offspring he's had. Upon welcoming his ninth kid into the world, hejoked to Entertainment Tonight about having more kids than Clint Eastwood, who's equally known for his large family. He said:

“I was talking to Clint the other day. I said, ‘How many kids you got?’ He said, ‘Eight.’ So I’m beating him.”

El hijo de Mel Gibson, Milo, heredó la apariencia y las dotes de actuación de su padre (9) Mel Gibson (2017), (Photo by Gregg DeGuire/WireImage)

Milo ha heredado el atractivo de su padre y son muy parecidos. Debutó como actor en la película Hacksaw Ridge, que a su vez era dirigida por su padre Mel. Milo le dijo a Entertainment Tonight en una entrevista:

"Fue muy divertido trabajar con él. Fue una relación de actor y director".

Desde entonces ha tenido papeles en Gangster Land, interpretando al jefe del crimen Al Capone; en All the Devil's Men, e incluso tuvo un papel importante en la película Huracán.

Aunque ahora trabaja en el negocio de la familia, al principio Milo no quería ser actor y eligió un par de profesiones bastante inusuales hasta llegar a convertirse en un actor protagonista de Hollywood.

El hijo de Mel Gibson, Milo, heredó la apariencia y las dotes de actuación de su padre (10) Mel Gibson (2017), (Photo by John Phillips/Getty Images)

En la misma entrevista con Entertainment Tonight, Milo explicó que después de terminar la escuela secundaria, fue masajista durante dos años, lo cual no es una profesión de celebridades, pero sin duda es útil. Pero luego cambió de profesión a algo aún más inesperado: ¡Milo fue electricista por cinco años! Dijo que era muy divertido, pero no era algo que quería hacer por el resto de su vida. Y fue por eso que eventualmente pasó a la actuación.

En una entrevista con The Hollywood Reporter, Milo habló de su transición de electricista a actor, y sobre sus ganas de actuar cuando era niño:

"Creo que cuando mi hermano Louis, quien es director ahora, y yo éramos niños, siempre hacíamos videos caseros y yo era el actor y él el director. Entonces fue allí cuando comenzó ese deseo, pero luego no seguí con eso. No fue algo que siempre tuve presente. Creo que quería probar otras cosas que me interesaban. Definitivamente mi padre jamás me presionó ni nada parecido".

Milo continuó hablando sobre cómo su postura de vivir sin arrepentimientos afectó su decisión:

"Pero definitivamente era algo que estaba en mi inconsciente, como si fuera algo que me gustaría hacer [algún día]. Y un día me dije, no quiero tener 60 años y arrepentirme de no intentarlo; creo que mucha gente se arrepiente de muchas cosas en la vida, y yo no quería ser una de esas personas".

El hijo de Mel Gibson, Milo, heredó la apariencia y las dotes de actuación de su padre (11) Milo Gibson (2018), (Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images)

Qué impresionante currículum: puede filmar escenas de acción, luego volver a casa, arreglar las luces y ADEMÁS dar un masaje. ¡Es el hombre perfecto!

En todo caso, el hecho de que Milo comenzó en la industria ya como un adulto maduro, sin duda le beneficiará a futuro. Es probable que veamos un legado de actuación en esta familia, y a estas alturas Milo parece saber lo que realmente quiere hacer en la vida, y eso es actuar. Ya queremos verlo en más películas y, quién sabe, tal vez algún día siga los pasos de su padre e incluso dirija. Quizás tengamos la suerte de ver los papeles invertidos y podamos ver a Milo dirigiendo a Mel.

Sin importar lo que Milo decida hacer, debemos ser pacientes y ver lo que hará en el futuro este actor de 30 años. Nada es seguro. Él podría volver a trabajar como masajista o electricista. O tal vez se dedique a dirigir como su padre. En cualquier caso, está claro que es un joven talentoso y debemos estar atentos a lo que hará en el futuro, aunque no se convierta en una superestrella de Hollywood.

El hijo de Mel Gibson, Milo, heredó la apariencia y las dotes de actuación de su padre (12) Milo Gibson, Mel Gibson (2016), (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

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